Just because you are taking longer than others does not mean you are a failure. Keep going. – Anonymous

Just because you are taking longer than others does not mean you are a failure. Keep going. - Anonymous

Remember that in life, each one of us has got our own clock. There’s absolutely no point to gear yourself up just by seeing others. If someone has achieved something that does not necessarily mean that you will have to achieve that particular thing in your life.

It is essential to understand that things are meant to happen as per their own timings, and nothing will occur as we want them to turn up.

At times, you may be on time, while on the other times, you will probably be a little late in doing the same thing. However, that happens and these are just parts and pieces of our lives.

You may at times take a little longer than the others, and you might be slow at certain things. While others have already completed a task, you might be the one who is lagging behind.


However, make sure that you aren’t allowing yourself to feel low and heartbroken about that! You should have the potential to understand and accept things as they are, and keep going!

Remember that at the end of the day, nothing can count more than your own efforts. You need to try your maximum, and even if things do not fall in place, it is totally fine. That’s none of your mistakes, and you will have to accept it as a part of the process.

You must know that life is all about learning, and even if things didn’t turn in your favor. All that matters to you is the lessons that you have learned in the procedure.

It is important to remember that we never fail while trying. In each and every trial, we just keep on learning and eliminating the odds.


However, it is important to understand that life will show you different chapters and each one of them will look different in their own unique ways. At times, you need to move with the flow, and accept the fact that you cannot control each and everything.

It is important to understand that life will keep on going, and you will have your own time to work, and be successful as well. Just follow as things are meant to be, and everything will automatically fall in their places.

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