Permanent failure exists only for those who quit. I do not quit. – Anonymous

Permanent failure exists only for those who quit. I do not quit. - Anonymous

Failure is when you stop trying! Yes, it is important to understand that success doesn’t come to anyone overnight.

All the people whom you see to be successful today have reached the peak only because they had continued to give their efforts.

They have never thought that trials are going useless. When you do good, you feel good; but you should always remember that there is always a flip side of the same coin.

However, you need to understand that life never remains the same. You become successful and win on some days, while on the other days, you may fail.

You must know that real failure is only when you stop trying.

Hence, you should always focus on trying up new things every single day. You might not be able to witness success every time, but do not mind that!

On the days when you do not witness success, you get the privilege to learn new skills. Isn’t it? Why not take things otherwise?

Know that the successful people are the ones who have never quit. Discoveries and inventions were not made in a single day.

They could be possible only because of the brilliant minds and the genius people did not give up.

They had to fail miserably at times, but their zeal to win overpowered all their failures. In fact, they had to witness failure a thousand and a million times, but that didn’t compel them to quit.

They were strong at heart and they kept their prime focus on making it happen. You need to realize that you will surely succeed if you have got the intention of succeeding.

Hence, you should always focus on doing things in a unique way, and never allow yourself to feel down. Believe in yourself and you are sure to succeed.

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