When someone helps you and they are struggling too, that’s not help, that’s love. – Anonymous

When someone helps you and they are struggling too, that's not help, that's love. - Anonymous

When someone helps you even while they are struggling, that’s not help, it’s love. Yes, that’s definitely true and you should be acknowledging their good hearts for this!

In today’s world full of selfish people, you would hardly meet people who would want to spare a bit of their time just to help you out.

It is indeed very tough to see such kind of people these days and if you are lucky enough to have such people in your life, make sure that you do not let them go from your life by any chance.

You might not be able to realize the significance of these people now, but let me tell you that they are no less than a treasure and only a few lucky people can actually have them in their lives.

In today’s world full of mean people, you will hardly come across someone who will be ready to go out of the box and try to help you.

However, there are only a couple of people who might think that way and if you have ever met them in your life, make sure that you keep them.

It is extremely important to understand when someone goes out of the way and tries to help you even while he or she is struggling himself or herself in life, it is solely because that person has got a good heart and he or she dearly loves you without any selfish needs.

While he or she is struggling, and is still up to help you out, it can only happen because that person does really care for you and is bothered about you.

That person has got your concern and he doesn’t want you to be harmed anyway.

Life will probably make you encounter different kinds of people and make sure that you are always able to identify the pure hearts.

Never let them go, for they are the ones who will help you no matter what! They are doing it just to love you and your concern is somewhere in their minds. 

Such people are really hard to get, but if you have already got them, make sure that you keep them. Try to identify that those people actually love you, and the person is not having any sort of selfish needs or desires by any chance.

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