No one can make you happy until you’re happy with yourself first. – Anonymous

No one can make you happy until you're happy with yourself first. - Anonymous

No one in this world can make you happy until and unless you yourself decide to be happy. It is rightly said that most of our problems in life lie in the way we think.

Hence, we should always have a positive approach towards each and everything in life. If you are optimistic in vision, and know how to live life happily, no one on this earth can ever stop you from doing so!

In the same way, no one can make you happy if you choose to cling on to the negative thoughts and decide to spend the rest of your life nagging over silly things. 

Therefore, it is none other than you who is going to decide how your future should look! You must be the kind of person who keeps yourself at the first place and tries to make out what you actually want from this life.


Next, decide on staying happy all the time. Be glowy and cheerful, and you are bound to do good in the days to come. You ought to understand the fact that when you decide to be happy, no one else can stop you to be happy.

You must face all challenges and hurdles in life with a smile on your face, and thus, decide to give your best at each and every shot.

You should have faith in your abilities, and know that peace and mental state are the two most significant things in life, and when you have these two, you are sure to win.

You should understand the fact that when you are contented with all that you have instead of running after materialistic pleasures, you are bound to win! You might not be the richest person on this earth, but you are surely going to be the happiest person someone has ever seen.

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