The happiest people are the ones who make others happy. – Anonymous

The happiest people are the ones who make others happy. - Anonymous

Our early childhood is actually filled with examples which suggest that happiness is in sharing our own resources with people and thus expand it.

There is a greater joy in keeping people happy and also serving them in their times of need and distress. People need to know that there should be a fine line between our needs and our demands. This line should be respected, and one should act accordingly.

We should try to always give up the extra amount of food to the poor and give our unused shoes to the poor to let them live a little comfortable life by just doing our part. One should be ready to help the needy wherever he or she gets a chance.

Humanity and good generous human beings still exist on this earth, and it is important to spread happiness as much as we can. This can only be achieved with the act of sharing and love. We must readily deliver love and care to all those who need it.

People need to help the poor as much as they can and also help them develop. One should give away old books and stationery which are in good condition to the needy. Once a while, buy them new stationery. We should try to make other’s lives better by taking care of them and helping them.

Care is an efficient healer. We must be thankful to God that we have received so much comfort in our lives. It is high time we should try to help others and try to make their lives enjoyable with the very little efforts we can put in.

Love is in sharing with others, and the more we share love and happiness with others, we will soon realize that in order to be happy, a smile is just enough.

Humans should try to deliver happiness by doing simple things like giving a packet of biscuits to the street dogs, feeding the beggars a full meal, or just helping any unprivileged person in their tough times.

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