Stay calm. Be strong. Never let anyone destroy you. – Anonymous

Stay calm. Be strong. Never let anyone destroy you. - Anonymous

Stay calm and be strong all the time. You must always remain patient and stay strong for that is going to determine how far you are going to go! Stay calm and be strong, for that will decide how far you are going to go! 

You must never let anyone destroy you by any chance. Remember that you will get a lot of hardships in life, but it is none other than you who is going to decide how far you are going to go!

You should have the potential to overcome all the barriers that come along the way of your life, and overcome them to stay strong.

You must never become saddened by a failure that is going to give the biggest lessons of your life, as well as, will prepare you for the next battle that is ahead on the way.

Remember that you should always stay calm and note things going around you carefully.

When you have the ability to understand things and realize them as they occur, you will feel more confident and that’s how you should keep growing down the line.

You must never lose your patience for the day you lose it, you are going to get stuck in the mess.

It is essential to understand that life happens and you are sure to meet a lot of hardships on the way, but if you stay calm, you will have the ability to analyze the situations with all your wisdom and thus, act accordingly.

You must not be the kind of person who takes decisions instantly at the hit of the moment.

Besides, you must always remain strong and know that no one is stronger than you. This will help you accumulate all your positive energy together so that you can do good in your life.

You should have the ability to control your own emotions and actions too! You must not be one of the kinds who gets carried away by others, or someone who gets influenced by others.

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