Walk gently in the lives of others. Not all wounds are visible. – Anonymous

Walk gently in the lives of others. Not all wounds are visible. - Anonymous

We may see a person happy and smiling all the time, but that doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have any complication or trouble in life. It is important to understand that people around us often have a lot of issues, and they tend to suffer.

There are certain people who are expressive enough to talk about their miseries, but then there are a lot of people who just stay as an introvert and are not comfortable in opening up in front of others.

It is essential to acknowledge that not all the wounds are visible. You may assume a person’s happy face to think that he or she is actually very happy, but that may not be the same case in reality.¬†Since all wounds are not visible, we don’t get a provision to check whether the person is actually hurt deep inside or not! Yeah, it gets really difficult to make that out!

When we are walking into someone’s life, it is essential that we should be gentle and decent enough in our approach. We never know which particular action of ours might end up hurting them. We should try to analyze the situation from their point of view.

Remember that life is not that easy. It takes a lot of patience to build the life that we are living today, and handling our emotions happens to be one of our biggest tasks. However, we should always offer a helping hand to people around us, for we never know what they might have been going through!

When you are making it up to other’s lives, be gentle and humble all the time. You should be patient enough to understand that not all people are the same. Therefore, you should not put them in more stress rather than pulling them out of such humiliating situations.

Try to be friends with people around you. Be decent and gentle to them. Hear them more than what you speak. Nurture them with love and compassion, and you will gradually find that this world isn’t such a bad place either!

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