Rain does not fall on one roof alone. – African proverb

Rain does not fall on one roof alone. - African proverb

Rain does not fall on one roof alone which is a metaphor to demonstrate that when you think that you have the worst life among all, you need to understand that the troubles are not just confined to your life alone.

Each and every person on this earth has their own sets of problems, but the reason for which you have not yet given up is that they have accepted the reality of life. They have made up their minds that it’s how life works!

You need to understand that when you go on nagging about the troubles and difficulties that you have been facing in your life, you should also think of the fact that you are not the only person to bear with all of that!

It might seem so, since you have been facing it all alone, and you cannot see what others are going through! However, only because you are not able to witness others’ sorrows that do no way mean that they are not having any!

Life will give you a lot of experiences all through the years you live and you will have some good moments along with the bad ones. A wise man will always try to look beyond the hurdles and try to find out the best things that work!

One needs to understand that he or she has no other way but to keep growing with the lessons and years.

Instead of complaining about the things and all the wrongs that happened with you, make sure that you are able to see why things didn’t work and what all can do to make them go in your favour.

When the rain pours, every roof gets wet. This simply means that troubles are there in each one of our lives. It’s just that some people are expressive about it while others don’t!

You should stop seeing things that way, and try to focus on looking at them on a different angle this time. Once you start taking life easy, the rest of the things are going to fall in places all by themselves.

You must have the ability to realize that you should always try to find joy in every little thing you see around yourself and all that you do on a day to day basis.

I know it might be easier said than done, but trust me, the moment you actually decide to do it, the best will it be for you!

You will have to embrace your life as it is! You must try to focus on things a little more this time, and you need to find happiness amidst all that you already own instead of stressing yourself about all that you don’t have!

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