If you have the ability to love, love yourself first. – Charles Bukowski

If you have the ability to love, love yourself first. - Charles Bukowski

In life, it becomes extremely important to love your own self. Instead of running after materialistic things and expressing your love and craving for them, learn to be the one who prefers to improve your own self.

Admire yourself and work on improving your own self each and every day. Be happy that you are this way. You should feel blessed for each and everything you own.

You might not find much value in those right now, but ask someone who doesn’t have any of them, and you will be able to realize its essence in your life. If you have the ability to love, learn to love yourself at first.

You should be proud of the way you are! Too often, people seem to have a tendency wherein they go on blaming themselves and their fate, as well as the people around them for all that they could not have, no matter what the reason has been!

Instead of finding the things that they already own, and feel grateful for the same, they go on nagging around the ones that they could not have. This should not be done, unfortunately, that’s how human psychology tends to work like!

If you have the ability to love, try loving yourself at the very first place. Feel yourself to be lucky enough for having such a great life.

Instead of filling yourself with all sorts of negative thoughts, try to feel the good and positive aspects of the things around you, and this will eventually help you feel a positive vibe within yourself.

When you love yourself, you learn to admire yourself and that’s very important. We must have the potential to see the good things in ourselves, and that would eventually make us work towards improving better.

It is important to understand that self love is extremely essential, and you need to embrace yourself just the way you are!

We often try to find love from others and complain when we do not receive enough love from the people around us. However, we forget the fact that we should always love ourselves and that would eventually help us to feel good.

We do not need appreciation from others. We do not require to wait for others’ approval, but rather we should be able to accept our own faults and love ourselves just for the way we are!