Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. – Christopher Barzak

Don't ever put your happiness in someone else's hands. - Christopher Barzak

Do not ever put your happiness into someone else’s hands. It is important to understand that it is none other than we ourselves who are responsible for our own happiness.

Too often, we go on blaming circumstances or situations around us for the sorrows in our lives. However, it is important to understand that it is only we who decide our happiness.

We need to understand what makes us happy in the true sense of life and if it is under our control, we need to set our targets likewise and get going towards that!

We often get fooled by our own selves and we fail to realize that nothing else in this world can actually make us happy until and unless we choose to be happy. There is no point running after things and material pleasures if we aren’t sure about all that makes us happy.

Know that life is a book and you shall meet a wide range of situations and so many different kinds of people on a regular basis.

Everything in life is not going to happen according to you, but it is none other than you yourself who would realize what actually makes you happy.

If it is following your own passion, do that! You do not always need the consent of other people around you for something that you believe would get you going!

We often put our own happiness into someone else’s hands, but know that why would someone else care for your ‘happiness’ if you are not doing it for yourself? You need to sit back and chalk out the things in your own way.

You ought to realize what makes you happy, and the moment you could find it out, make sure that you are no way losing it ever again in your life.

You cannot be dependent on others for your happiness. It is no one else but you who can get back your happiness, and the moment you have done it, just get going!

When we say that it is only you who can decide what makes you happy, we simply intend to say that you should never give authority to someone else for your happiness. Nothing can make you sad. Be happy, be casual and go on living!

Know that you might find plenty of people who might bother you, but it is none other than you who would have the right to decide what makes you happy. Happiness is a choice and you are the one who is given with the authority for doing it.