Every word has consequences. Every silence, too. – Jean-Paul Sartre

Every word has consequences. Every silence, too. - Jean-Paul Sartre

We all have heard about the famous saying that silence has its own consequences. In fact, silence speaks louder than words and is also a tool of expression. It is our sole responsibility to speak well of others and say good words no matter who is watching us or not.

It is also important to speak the truth because at last only truth prevails. There is also a definite need for silence at some points in life. This will not only make us stronger but also help us in handling situations with peace and comfort.

We should always open our mouth after analyzing the gravity of the situation and say what we feel. People should never judge others based on others’ opinions and some hearing. It is important to know that silence does not mean the absence of words. In fact, it actually means and represents something stronger than words can explain.

Sometimes silence also becomes confusing and misleading, but if we try to analyze it with utmost patience and perseverance, we will get to know that silence has its meaning and also a purpose. It is important to analyze the gap between words and silence. Extreme happiness or prolonged sadness can also make a person silent by making him numb. 

Some people may fail to understand the meaning of words, and no longer interested in listening or saying anything, In this stage, people are often diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which also impacts their social and mental well-being.

Positivity is essential in steering the course of our lives and keeping us energetic and strong. It is important to understand the fact that we cannot take back our words and therefore, we should think before speaking and not vice versa.

Our words, if not spoken at the right place or at the right time, can make us face problems later in life. Thinking before speaking will not only save one from job interviews but also real-life scenarios. It is instrumental in helping anyone stay calm and composed even in situations of trouble and distress.