Silence is better than unnecessary drama. – Anonymous

Silence is better than unnecessary drama. - Anonymous

Different experiences trigger us differently. But we all must learn to react appropriately to different situations so that our reactions are meaningful and do not create any adverse impact on anyone.

Sometimes, we are too startled to react, and we are dumbfounded. But at times, we feel that we have a strong opinion and must express that but always first think of the repercussions. These repercussions might not apply only to you but might be affecting someone else.

Always weigh out the result of these repercussions in comparison to you voicing out your opinion. Of course, stand up against any wrongdoing but always judge the situation before reacting. Your reaction should not adversely impact others.

Remember that it is always better to avoid unnecessary drama by staying silent. There might be more appropriate times and occasions that will be able to address the situation. Thus, it is important that we are able to judge the situation and react accordingly.

Sometimes not maintaining silence drags you into the unexpected drama that you might not even have wanted. Therefore, when you see a situation where there are different conflicting opinions and your opinion will not bring a significant change immediately, remain silent.

Remaining silent does not mean you are shunning away from what you must do. Act silently because actions speak louder than words.

Do the needed work which will be meaningful and will have a significant impact and positive effect in addressing the issue at hand. That is the most fruitful way of addressing a situation and not get dragged away in meaningless banter.

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