Silence is a powerful weapon. – Unknown

Silence is a powerful weapon. - Unknown

Silence is a powerful weapon and yes it is true! Too often, we may go on speaking so much and it might not have done something that silence had done!

It is important to understand that you should rather be aware of the fact that silence is a powerful weapon and silence can do a lot of things that talking could not! You must have the sense to distinguish between the two and thus, decide about when to talk and when not!

At times, we go on blabbering all the time to make the other person understand.

However, we should rather try to make the other person realize that silence could be the best weapon to be used in order to figure out what the other person is looking for!

At times, silence speaks volumes that words can’t express. Hence, you should rather have the idea to decide how things are going to work, because the trick is not going to function in the same way all the time. It goes on varying from person to person, and also according to the situations or circumstances.

All we need is to take care that we are not speaking trash, and speaking things that are actually sensible.

On the other end, if our words are not given enough attention that they actually deserve, that’s when we should behave maturely and thus, remain silent.

In several situations, silence can actually do wonders, provided that we are able to deal with it appropriately.

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