Never silence yourself for the comfort of others. – Unknown

Never silence yourself for the comfort of others. - Unknown

There are times when we hesitate to raise our voice just because of the comfort of others. However, this should never be done! It is important to understand and value others’ emotions, but at the same time, you should not be losing your self-esteem in order to save a relationship or prevent yourself from hurting them.

There are times when you would need to take a stand for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean that you are selfish. Do not let others think that your silence is your defeat. Learn to take a stand and make others realize that you have been silent all this while only because you have to bother about the relationship and not just your ego.

All that matters is that when you silence yourself for the sake of others, the opponent starts taking advantage of your silence, and backfires you.

Remember that you can remain calm and composed only till the time you are valued. Once you lose your value, there’s no point in keeping your mouth shut. Never let anyone take undue advantage of your emotions.

Try connecting with people around, and when you find an unfavorable situation, do not hesitate to raise your voice. Your silence would make the opponent even stronger. Therefore, you should make that person understand that you are potent of fighting back in need.

Many a time, we tend to remain silent just because we want to save a relationship. Hence, we prefer keeping our mouth shut and tolerate all the nuisance, but how long? At times, you need to realize that your unconditional love towards others should not be a reason of your own sorrows and miseries.

You should not make it a habit of being neglected and allow others to neglect you all the time. Hence, speak up and don’t let others misinterpret your silence as your weakness. Tolerating takes a lot of patience, and we are glad that you own it.

However, it is important to make sure that you aren’t allowing others to run over you. Be clever enough to know the extent to which you should keep silent. Once that limit is reached, feel free to speak up, and do that only for “yourself.”

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