Apologize when you’re wrong. Never let your pride be bigger than your relationships. – Unknown

Apologize when you're wrong. Never let your pride be bigger than your relationships. - Unknown

There is actually a famous saying which says that ego is just a three-letter word which can destroy a big relationship. Our sense of pride should never override the basic affection and qualities of love. Remember that human values are of much greater importance and worth than anything else.

Sometimes we need to apologize to people and seek forgiveness for genuine reasons. Ego or pride should never come in between our decisions or relationships. If such things creep in, they will often lead to unnecessary burdens because any conflict between the heart and the mind, if both not handled carefully, can lead to destruction.

The rules of life are simple. We need to laugh when we are happy, cry when we are sad. What is important is to love ourselves first. By loving ourselves first, we tend to deliver happiness and prosperity all around.

If it is possible to save any relationship from getting destroyed by simply controlling our emotions and sudden outbursts of anger, it is our sole responsibility to take charge of the situation and act in such a manner that the relationship is always saved and maintained.

Human bonds are just like a plant because we need to nurture it and take all the necessary care to strengthen them. Basic human etiquette like saying sorry or apologizing for our mistakes is actually a good sign, and everyone should practice it as a way of lifestyle.

Remember that human bondings and relationships are very fragile, and it takes years to develop a layer of trust and faith and simply seconds to see it getting destroyed to the dust.

It is also important to understand the fact that accepting our mistakes in front of others is never a sign of weakness, but it is actually a sign of strength. Weak people cannot forget and forgive, whereas strong people forgive others easily.

Remember that man is a social animal and therefore we cannot live alone on this planet. We must take care of childhood friendships along with our relatives and near and dear ones in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere all around and stay updated.

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