When you’re wrong, admit it. When you’re right, be quiet. – Unknown

When you're wrong, admit it. When you're right, be quiet. - Unknown

Not everyone has the guts to accept when they are wrong but that’s something very essential. It is important to accept and admit when you do something wrong. There’s no harm doing so! It gives you a scope to learn and doesn’t make you any way inferior than the others. 

You should always admit it when something goes wrong because of you. It opens a new horizon for you to unlearn something that you have not got right and learn things in a new way.

Also, it reinforces your way of being honesty and boosts your integrity. People will start believing you even more. However, make sure that others do not take an opportunity of your honesty by any chance.

In life, we often commit mistakes but that doesn’t stop us from doing something great later on. It is only because of the mistakes that open our path to learn new things. The lessons of the mistakes are the hardest teachers anyone could ever have!

However, there are times when you have been right yet blamed. It’s good to raise your voice for something that you didn’t do yet is blamed for it.

Although, ensure the fact that you cannot raise your voice at peak and shout out to the world proving that you were right. That’s something world class jerks do! Instead, you should remain calm and composed rather than losing out your temper and handle the situation with utmost patience.

Shouting doesn’t actually make any sense when others aren’t ready to listen to you. Make them hear you if at all you can make out anything out of it later on. If not, it’s better to remain silent and let time reveal the truth. It is essential to believe in the God factor and let things fall in places of their own.

You cannot make someone understand that you have been right and that person has been wrong. People aren’t that ready to accept that they have been wrong. Let things take their own turns! All you know is that you were right and that’s more than enough!

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