God is not letting you down. He’s letting you learn. – Unknown

God is not letting you down. He's letting you learn. - Unknown

God loves us more than what we love ourselves. We must keep absolute faith in God and trust Him. Sometimes we fail to understand the basic fact that God has much better ways for us, so He tries to help us by learning our lessons ourselves and getting the most benefit from our mistakes.

An essential part of learning is to skillfully understand our flaws and correct them as soon as we witnessed them. It is also important to apologize for our mistakes because this will not only help us remember our mistakes but also reduce them drastically.

God has His own ways to help us in our troubles. He wants us to make the best possible use of our time in achieving what we truly desire. 

Sometimes we get a little demotivated and get off the right track just because of some failures and disappointment. It is very necessary to remember that our problems are only momentary and our success is permanent. We should have the courage to face our problems and remember who we are.

People should gather enough courage before achieving their dreams and their passions. We have to make some sacrifices to achieve our goals, and we should do that. It is good to remember that in order to achieve big things in life we must take care of the small things.

Moreover, each and every small step of our life, if proceeded in the correct direction will take us closer to our destination. Each and every failure is actually a stepping stone of our grand success.

Remember that small drops of water make a vast ocean. We must always keep our goal in mind and be ready to work hard and earn it. No matter how many problems live gifts to us, we should have faith in God and have confidence in our own selves.

Remember that there is no shortcut in life. A famous saying says that the more you sweat, the less you bleed in the war. The primary motive of this beautiful and meaningful saying is that we should always work hard to achieve our goals and destination. In order to be successful in life, we must put in efforts and increase our efficiency. We must learn from life, from our very own life.

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