Don’t let your past kill your future. – Unknown

Don't let your past kill your future. - Unknown

We all have our own life stories. There is a lot of hard work it took to become what we are today. However, there are times when you feel like there is no one who will understand you, you feel like lost. There are the memories of the past that sometimes come back to haunt us or to add up miseries to what we are already having.

These memories might include some heart-wrenching deaths of close family members, pets, or a break-up that have broken you in pieces, leaving you shattered. Do not get afraid of these memories. Do not leave the ground just because you cannot take it anymore.

Do not leave the ground even if these memories are bringing you down on your knees. Because, no matter how breaking your past is, if you have a strong determination, you can get over the memories and surely can make your future better.

All it takes is the simple step to show some courage, to stand on your feet again, and start aiming for your one goal again. Your memories are nothing but memories. No matter if they are harsh or beautiful, those are what made you the person you are today.

But if you waste your time today repenting about the days that haven’t gone right, you will never get the time to concentrate on the more essential things that can make your future better.

So, try to stop repenting your past and focus on your future. Whatever done is done, now concentrate on your future and make it as you have always dreamt.

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