Don’t worry, the right people will never leave you. – Unknown

Don't worry, the right people will never leave you. - Unknown

In between our time on earth, we meet thousands of people. We come across hundreds of people every day. We do not know most of these people we came across in our daily lives. Some of them sometimes interact with us, most of them simply pass by, without even an interaction.

Do you get worried about these people leaving your life? No, right! The quote is saying such a similar thing only.

Most of us get bothered about people leaving us behind while going forward in our life. Some friendships break because of something you said, or some of your action does not please the other friend.

And, you can be sure that it’s not only friendship, but relationships also break from the simplest of misunderstanding just like friendship.

Thus, many of us always prefer to keep our mouth shut as we think, we cannot say this or do this, because that might make someone close to us angry, and they might leave us behind.

And by continually limiting our actions, suppressing the will of our heart just because we don’t want to hurt, or make angry someone close to us, all we are doing is increasing our sufferings.

So, all this quote wants to state is, live free, be you. Do whatever you want, do not suppress the feeling of your heart just because some people may get angry or leave you. Because, the right people, who truly loves or understands you, will stay no matter what.

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