Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. – Unknown

Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. - Unknown

Never make permanent decisions on the feelings that are temporary. Many a time, we take decisions at the hit of the moment. We come to the conclusion based on things or people that are around us.

However, it is essential to understand that we should not derive any opinion on a permanent basis, rather we should always hear things properly, and try to analyze each and every situation properly before coming up with a conclusion.

It is important to understand that situations might change, but the decisions that we once take will have its impact for the rest of our lives, and it may also affect the lives of several other people around us.

Hence, you should never make a decision when you are angry or upset. You should always give yourself enough time and only when you are all set, you can take charge of deciding anything and take away with it.

Also, you must understand that it might be difficult to control our emotions at the peak hours, be it in anger, happiness or some other, but when you decide things based on just the moment or an instant, you will have to end up regretting upon it later on.

Therefore, you should always sit back and try to analyze the entire situation properly, and only when you have made all the calculations, you can get going! We know it is easier said than done, but one who does so, will eventually get through a long way than someone who hasn’t done so!

You should consequently keep another important thing in mind, and that is to take care of the fact that your decisions aren’t based on others’ influences. 

You should always be one of those people who decide things on your own, as it is none other than you who is going to take the liability of your decision.

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