I am blessed by every day that God gives me. – Unknown

I am blessed by every day that God gives me. - Unknown

I am blessed by each and every day that I receive from God. Too often, we get so engaged in the hustle-bustle of our regular lives, that we actually forget living and run after getting materialistic pleasures.

It is important to understand that one needs to be blessed by each and every day that he or she receives from God. It is rightly said that we do not learn to appreciate a moment until and unless it is gone.

We often forget to admire things, and that’s when we lack the understanding of the true sense of life.

We keep on running after things, forgetting the fact that we can never achieve great things in life if we do not realize the value of the ones we already own!

One needs to be grateful to God for each and everything, including that of the day that we are gifted with! I agree, that we often do not appreciate or feel thankful for the bright sunshine in the morning.

It is essential to realize that it’s only because of the day we are gifted with, that we get yet another opportunity to try our best and give it our best shot.

Certainly, that’s a blessing! Each and every single day that we receive is just like a blank page of the notebook (here, life) and we get a chance all over again to make it as wonderful and creative as we probably can!

Each and every day is a gift to us from God, and thus, you should try to draft it in the most unique way that you can ever think.

Life is a blessing, and not everyone is lucky enough to witness it. Ask someone who slept for the day, and could not wake up the next morning, had probably lost a day that he or she would never get back in return.

Hence, we should be thankful to the Almighty for each little thing that we receive from him. We must feel ourselves to be blessed enough in that case!

God has gifted us with a golden opportunity so that we can get over all the mistakes that we have done yesterday. Today is a chance for us to prove ourselves all over again.

Instead of holding onto any grudge, we should rather focus upon ways through which we can make it the most wonderful day of our lives. We should be starting each day afresh, and try to take lessons from the past so that we aren’t repeating that same mistake today.

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