Sometimes god breaks your heart to save your soul. – Unknown

Sometimes god breaks your heart to save your soul. - Unknown

Sometimes, God breaks your heart to save your soul, and that’s true. We do not understand it at times, but it is absolutely the way that God does!

Know that even if we aren’t aware of others’ intentions we never know what’s going on behind the scenes.¬†However, the Almighty is aware of all of it, and thus, he becomes our savior at times when we aren’t capable of understanding our own good.

We all are that God’s children, and he always thinks of saving us from all kinds of mishaps. At times, we do not realize, but God is there to save us from all the injustice.

It does hurt us a lot when we have to deal with a broken heart, but it would ache even more if we have to go around with a broken soul. Therefore, God, at times, breaks our hearts.

When anything of that sort happens in our lives, we must have the realization to chalk it out, and understand that God breaks our heart only because he wanted to save our soul.

Something more fearful could have happened to us, but it is all by God’s grace that it didn’t take up such a huge picture.

Instead of blaming yourself and pointing out at the Almighty, you should rather be thankful of him that everything has settled down at ease.

One must always have faith in God, for he knows all of it. He is the one who thinks of all that’s good for us. He will always be the savior, and he will never break us apart.

He had to break our heart only because if he would not have done so, something worse was probably on the way.

He had to make us realize about it anyhow, and that’s why he chose to teach us through small damage instead of allowing us to get through a more troublesome incident.

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