Push today for what you want tomorrow. – Lorii Myers

Push today for what you want tomorrow. - Lorii Myers

Even though life is unpredictable it is important that we prepare for the future. All of us have some desires and goals that we want to achieve in life. For these dreams to come true, it is important that we plan for it. There is no right time or the right place to start preparing for it.

Always remember that hard work and prudence will only sail you through. It is very important to plan your actions so that you can attain what you want and be content in life. There will be obstacles and even changes to how you might have planned your journey. But it is important that you be ready to cope with the challenges as well.

You need to confront life as it approaches you, but it is important to remain composed in such situations. You need to find an alternative way so that you cope with the change and yet attain what you want in the future.

You might also feel that what you had planned earlier for yourself is not appealing to you anymore. Be sure of yourself. If you still feel that you have found a new passion you want to pursue then you need to plan for it accordingly.

Keep working hard and give your best till you think that you are satisfied. Not all that you want will come easy, so you need to push for it. You should not give up. You will require support but remember the strongest supporter you have for yourself is you.

No one will stand up for you the way you will. So never lose confidence in yourself and move ahead. Be clear of what you want and strive for it. If you want to see any change in society start it for yourself. Do not wait for anyone to validate your idea if you think it is fruitful. If you do something good, you will see its impact sooner or later.