Hurting someone else will not ease your pain, but being kind will. – Unknown

Hurting someone else will not ease your pain, but being kind will. - Unknown

Hurting someone else will no way ease your pain. It is essential to understand that hurting someone can never relieve you from your pain. We often remain hurt, and in the process, tend to hurt other people too! 

However, it is essential to understand that when we hurt other people due to our own anger, depression, or frustration, it can no way give us any relief.

It is important to understand that when you hurt other people, it gives the other person wounds, and that way, none of your wounds get healed. Hence, the best way to deal with your own troubles and wounds is to deal with them.

We know that it is easier said than done, and many a time, we react at the moment without trying to understand the situation of the person on the other side of the table. It is high time that we should keep ourselves in their place, and try analyzing the situation with a greater maturity. 

It is vital to note that when we hurt other people, we can no way be relieved from our own pain. Thus, there is absolutely no point in hurting others or making an approach to do so, as it will yield nothing to us.

We won’t be benefitted by reacting and behaving in such a way to others. The most important thing that we can ever do is to behave nicely and behave gently, politely, and humbly with others. 

That way, we are sure to make others feel good and their smile will consequently put a smile on our faces.

One should be kind to others and be decent enough while speaking, as that will make both of you feel good. When you behave kindly, it does not only make others feel good but the way you get a behavior in return, makes you feel equally happy and blessed as well.

Hurting someone will never be able to ease your pain. You might be rude at that point of time, and you might have behaved that way at the hit of that moment, but that will yield you nothing greater. Also, you might have to regret it later on.

It is usually better to understand that even if you are hurt today, things are sure to get back to normal soon but if you behave bitterly today, people will remember that for the rest of their lives.

As a result, you should remain calm and handle the situation as well as your emotions in a wise manner so that things become easier for you to continue dealing for the test of your life.

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