A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering. – Dalai Lama

A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering. - Dalai Lama

People with a disciplined mind are usually not impulsive and that’s the basic reason for their happiness both in the ‘moment’ as well as ‘over the time’. It is important to understand that a disciplined mind will lead to your inner happiness.

Such kinds of people are usually patient while taking a decision and they do not only think of the present but also consider the future in their mind. These people tend to have self-control over themselves and they know well to balance their goals and desires, picking virtue over vice and avoid making impulsive decisions.

A person who is disciplined will absolutely be certain about what to do next. He or she is sure of the consequences that will follow their actions.

When we talk about happiness, it is important to understand that what does actually makes us happy. We often indulge ourselves in short term goals, so much so, that we forget the consequences of the future. It is essential to realize that it is only the choices that we make today decide our future tomorrow.

Therefore, it is absolutely important to understand the significance of maintaining strong relationships, having healthy foods, and managing debts wisely that decide our happiness in the long run. Once you get really good at managing all these stuff by yourself, your future will become much easier than what you are residing in, today.

Make sure that you keep your senses open all the time and by following a self-disciplined life, you will be ready to face any sort of challenges or obstacles that come along your way.

A self-disciplined person will always act maturely and remain sure about what he or she is doing. That person will know his target to achieve and the consequences that may happen otherwise. On the other hand, a person with an indisciplined mind is just like a ship without a radar, moving around aimlessly.

He himself is not sure about his necessities or what is looking for! These kinds of people are usually very impulsive and thus, they fall in trap most often. They do not think of the before-and-after scenarios before deciding anything and thus, they tend to remain misleaded many a times.

Only when you are sure of the things, you should move ahead but an undisciplined mind will start thinking only when things are already out of the reach. Thus, they are the ones who suffer!

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