If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet. – Joel Osteen

If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet. - Joel Osteen

It is important to understand that this world has plenty of negative people, and we do not need such people in our lives anymore. It is essential to realize that we ought to stay positive as the world needs more of such people.

In today’s time, people are mostly after spreading rumors and gossiping about certain things. However, it is essential to have people who are positive so that you feel good and be optimistic all the while.

If you aren’t positive, you should at least be quiet. You would not always remain optimistic, but at least, you should be quiet at that time. This is because this world needs more positive people who would at least be able to motivate others and help them to grow.

You might not always be able to stay positive, but you should then remain quiet. You should not speak trash and de-motivate others. You must have the potential to understand that words lay a big impact on everyone.

We may not realize it while speaking, but it puts a big impression on the one who is hearing. Hence, it is absolutely important to understand that if ever in your life, you cannot stay positive, you must at least remain quiet.

When you remain quiet, there are minimum chances that others are being hurt by you.

When you see a hard situation ahead on the way, you must always try to encourage yourself as well as the other people around you to do good and give their best instead of de-motivating them with negative thoughts.

We may have negative ideas and think that it might not be possible, but we must never reveal it to the other person for that will make him think negatively about the situation.

As a result, our normal psychology functions in a way wherein we start accepting the failure much before we have actually encountered a situation.

In life, we meet a lot of circumstances and not all of them actually go in our favor, but a person who stays positive will see opportunities ahead.

Therefore, you must stay positive and behave well with others and try to be optimistic enough so that people will feel good about it, and try working out, instead of holding onto it and preaching negative vibes to that same person instead.

Hence, it is said that if you cannot speak positive, you just remain silent for that will at least make the scenario neutral.

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