If you can’t be kind, be quiet. – Unknown

If you can't be kind, be quiet. - Unknown

Kindness is not simply an act. Kindness is a practice, and people who are truly kind will never step back from helping others in times of distress and trouble. A popular adage goes that, in our good times, our friends know us whereas, in our difficult times, we know our friends.

Life is much more meaningful if you can care for others’ well-being and happiness. In order to achieve this in a bigger sphere of life, first, try to start from your family and gradually with advancing time, try to spread it to infinity.

It is essential to remember that we all are human beings, and we must value each other throughout our life. We should not judge any person just on the basis of some small facts or data. We should have a clean heart and try to help others as much as we can.

When we start to care for others and try to understand other people’s pain and emotions, we actually end up enriching our own lives and adding much more meaning to it. We all know that there is no understanding of the present without the knowledge of the past; therefore, it is necessary to know that human beings are God’s greatest creation.

We can rationally think and also apply our brains to push our limits and boundaries. Remember that it is good to be important, but it is more important to be good. We should understand that simplicity is the highest level of sophistication.

There is nothing in this world more delicate than human relationships. It takes us years to build trust and just seconds to see it getting destroyed. It is also necessary to understand and keep quiet if we see other people helping the needy on our behalf. We should never stop them.

Human beings should be generous and compassionate towards all our brothers and sisters and help them have a better and more meaningful life. We must remember that sharing brings joy, and together we all can create a happy world.

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