Even fools seem smart when they are quiet. – Proverbs 17:28

Even fools seem smart when they are quiet. - Proverbs 17:28

It is our common observation that people who are highly knowledgeable and wise tend to listen more and speak less. Understand the fact that God has given us two ears and one mouth, and therefore we should follow the ratio.

When we speak, we actually repeat what we know, but when we listen, we may learn something new. This information may prove to be beneficial for us in the long run and make our future better.

It is essential to understand the idea that a single person cannot stumble in his own life and learn from it always. We need to understand and analyze other people’s mistakes and therefore avoid committing such similar mistakes in our own lives.

Knowledgeable people also focus on the idea of staying positive and composed in difficult situations of life and handling them with experience gradually.

A person may be well dressed under sophisticated and expensive clothing, but when he or she speaks, you will realize that we should never judge a book by its cover. Remember that outer show and appearance are actually deceptive, and we should not fall prey to them.

A wise man always speaks the truth and avoids malicious company. Their quietness should not be confused with their weakness. A foolish person will always show off more than what is needed. A smart human being knows what to speak and when to speak.

He or she is highly balanced and knows how to value life. We should never hold an opinion about any person just by judging them from the outside. You may never know what that person has gone through in life in order to be truly a wise man.

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