It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don’t know everything. – Alexander McCall Smith

It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don't know everything. - Alexander McCall Smith

It says that the happiest person in the world is one who has no enemies. Actually, that’s not completely true. You can even have enemies if you are polite and composed throughout your life. Actually, being happy is a state of our own choice.

In today’s rush and busiest schedules of life, people find it difficult to be happy and accept life as it comes. Sometimes it becomes a boon when we don’t know everything. Actually, knowing everything will give us a complete idea of the subject of the topic and henceforth showcase the loopholes and other ambiguities.

People these days are trying to achieve perfection in each and every field they are working in. So, sometimes when we run low on facts and happenings around us, we sometimes luckily escape stress and trauma, which is shredded over everyone, whether it is a workplace or your home.

People always carry a burden or load of responsibilities over the head. People nowadays are so occupied with their lifestyle and living that they hardly find any time to invest in themselves and appreciate the small all and intricate emotions heart feelings in life. These little emotions can be in the form of a hug or just a pleasant touch from our loved ones. 

Happiness can also be achieved from the external surroundings where we work. For instance, this can be a five-minute walk in the lawn off the office during the break hour. We are so much engrossed in work these days that life is caged between the office and home.

We hardly find any time for our loved ones or our children. Actually, by doing so, we miss the essential bonds in life. So sometimes it is beneficial to run low on facts and accept life as it appears to us.

Sometimes not indulging in necessary debates and what load can help us in managing ourselves better and also efficiently reduce our stress and fatigue. This will prove to be beneficial for our mood and well being.