I’m proud of the woman I am today because I went through one hell of a time becoming her. – Unknown

I'm proud of the woman I am today because I went through one hell of a time becoming her. - Unknown

You should be proud of the woman who you are today because you had to face a lot of hardships and fight several battles to be the one who you are today!

All of us undergo a lot of experiences and changes all throughout our lives, and it is all about those experiences that make us. It is quite obvious that you weren’t mentally this strong since your childhood.

You had witnessed several situations and fought different circumstances, but all of them together have proved to make you, and make you a version of the one you are at present.

You should be thankful to yourself for having all the courage to fight with all those situations and yet not breaking apart.

We are never born strong, but throughout the journey of our life, we tend to meet a lot of people, and each one of them are so unique and different in their own ways, that we ultimately come up with a lot of experiences dealing with each one of them.

Also, we encounter several situations and circumstances, and all of them seem to have a great impact on our lives. We learn a lot of things throughout this journey.

It is just like a roller coaster ride, we cry, we smile, we laugh, we fall shattered, we feel broken, we rejoice, and it is a hell lot of emotions that we go through in this process.

However, at the end of the day, if you look back, you will be able to find out that it is all about this mixture of emotions and the journey that has made us what we are today.

You have never learned everything in a day; it is all because of the experiences that we have gathered throughout the journey that has made us the version of our own selves that is existing at present.

At the same time, you must know that you still have a lot of years in your hand, trying to be even better, and thus, encountering a lot of different situations and people along the way.

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