The best answer to anger is silence. – German Proverb

The best answer to anger is silence. - German Proverb

The best answer to anger is silence. Yes, certainly! Many times, we tend to tell people several foul words out of anger and it becomes too late until we realize that we have been wrong.

Anger is definitely one of the biggest enemies of mankind, and it can make you pay a huge amount later on.

When we stay angry, we tend to lose our control over the brain, and that’s when we say a lot of things to the other people around us, that might contribute to reasons for regretting later in time.

It is rightly said that you must never take a decision out of anger, since you usually do not remain aware at that time. As you do not remain in full consciousness at the time of anger, you speak out a lot of things that you do not even know about!

Therefore, the best way to deal with anger is to remain silent. Although it is easier said than done, it can help you yield a lot.

The safest way to deal with your anger is silence. When you know that you could have settled the issue with a cool mind, there is no point in shouting and yelling at the people in our surroundings for you would not have any point to ask for forgiveness later.

You must always sit down and try to analyze the situation logically, and you will surely be able to connect the dots.

You might find it difficult to deal with yourself, or your mind and heart at the hit of the moment, and if at all, things become unbearable for you, make sure that you take a pause and only after you are cooked down and relaxed, try to think about all that went wrong.

Consequently, if you see someone reacting to a situation out of anger, I would rather suggest you to stay silent then as well. This is because words will hardly count as a botheration to him or her at that point of time.

Hence, keep your mouth shut and try to stay calm and composed instead of yelling at that person in return. Let him or her speak the heart out, and once done, you should try to make that person understand with all the logic.

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