Your child will follow your example, not your advice. – Unknown

Your child will follow your example, not your advice. - Unknown

Children learn as they see their parents. Parents set examples for their children. Thus, it is rightly said that your kids will learn it the way you do! Kids remember the examples. When you teach something to your kids, they are more likely to retain the examples than what you actually tell them to do.

Thus, it is important that you give enough examples to your kids while teaching any value to them. You may give them enough advice, but your example will always remain with your children.

The example you set plays a significant role in shaping your kid. The way your child behaves, acts or talks depends largely by the way their parents do! Suppose, you ask your kids to pick up the toys from the floor, they might not listen to you! However, if you do it in front of them, they are sure to follow you the next time and eventually pick up the habit.

You should understand that children notice each and everything you do. You may think that your kid doesn’t know, but that’s not the way it is! They develop the idea to deal with life situations at the very beginning of their lives just by watching how their parents do it.

It is correctly said that your kid’s behavior is simply a reflection of yours. If you, being the mom of a child, keeps on yelling around at people and doesn’t treat anyone with respect, your kid will consequently do the same.

If you, being the dad to your kid resembles an individual who sits on the couch the whole day and doesn’t even lift a jug, your child will learn as if that’s how they should be acting as well. Do not just give order to your kids to do something, your example counts for them more.

Being a parent is a responsibility and if you set yourself as an example to your child, there could be nothing greater than that! You do not require to be perfect in all aspects to teach your kid.

Learn to learn from your own mistakes and then talk about it to your kid. Knowledge spreads way better by that! Do not just keep on giving advice to your kids, talk to them and make them realize how they should be acting. You ought to be an inspiration to your kids.

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