Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want. – Alan Cohen

Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want. - Alan Cohen

In life, it is important to understand that not anyone can get anything, and everything based on their choices. Many a times, it takes a lot of time and patience to on something and in several cases, we may need to let go off the things that are probably not meant for us. One should be happy and contented with what he or she has got and that is absolutely important to overleaf your reasons of sorrow.

Satisfaction and contentment are two of the biggest factors in determining our happiness. It is only because we are not satisfied with what we have achieved that makes us feel sad and spend hours after hours in suffering. The moment a person learns to be happy with whatever he or she has got, life will automatically become much easier.

At the same time, being happy does not mean that you should not want something more than what you have actually got with you. If you stop wanting things, you will gradually become stagnant at your place and stop growing. Therefore, it is important to understand the thin line difference between your reasons for being happy and contented as well as at the same time, decide your wants to grow bigger.

A person who is excited to gain more will only be able to succeed in his or her life. The moment you pack up your hands and decide to stop working just because you have had enough with you, your willingness to walk the extra mile will diminish automatically. One must understand the point when he or she would become happy and satisfied with all that he or she has got.

In order to illustrate this statement, are you better like to say that one should become contented and satisfied only when the requirements are met, and you have nothing to do at your place to get more. Greed should not dominate you by any chance. This is because it is only our greed that pushes us to do things out of the way.

One should let greed dominate so much that you even get ready to take up the wrong way just because you want something. However, you should be excited regarding your desire because that is the only way through which you will get the motivation to work harder and achieve them.

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