Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. – Anonymous

Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. - Anonymous

Your yesterday might not have gone well, but that doesn’t mean that you will lose all your hopes and stop working to make a better future tomorrow.

Remember the fact that it is never a wise decision to keep crying over the days that have already been passed, but you should always focus upon building a good day tomorrow. You should keep working ahead to make sure that your tomorrow gets better.

You don’t have an option to change your past, but you always have an option in hand to work for your present and see for ways to make your future even brighter. It is always in your own hands, and a bright mind would be able to do so quite effectively.

If you have had the worst past, you cannot keep crying and expect to see good things happening with you all of a sudden. All you can do is to let it go!

At times, you need to decide your own priority. If you think that you can make your today better, you should look forward to making changes to it and keep working to make your future better.

Do not keep banging your head over something that has happened yesterday. It will only add stress to you, and you will eventually start feeling as if you are good for nothing. 

On the contrary, you can keep thinking about your present and decide what all you can do, to frame it in an even better way.

Besides, when you make your present better, it becomes even easier for you to acknowledge your future. This is certainly a positive step in determining the fact that your present can be made even better.

When you have your control over your ‘today,’ you can keep working so as to build your empire in a greater way. You can keep up your hard work, and then decide things in your own unique way.

You should not keep thinking about your past, and ruin your present by any chance. Let that past go, instead of destroying or wasting your today for just no reason.

A bad yesterday cannot be changed, but your today can be created, and you should thus, focus on that!

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