Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. – Dalai Lama

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. - Dalai Lama

Love and compassion are two of the most significant things to look around, in the world. Without them, life stands to be meaningless. You might have achieved a lot of success in your life, but if you run short of love and compassion, things are going to shatter someday or the other.

While Love ties the thread of union among each one of us, compassion is something that brings people closer to one another. Compassion is absolutely an intense feeling that is responsible for retaining this emotional connectivity across the globe.

A compassionate person is an individual who is always ready to help others without anything in return. It is only because of compassion and love that make this Earth a better place to live in!

Again, we see that love and compassion are our necessities. We can never classify them as our luxuries. It is only because of love and compassion that have helped us to remain alive despite all the hurdles of life. You cannot call love to be as it is if there was no compassion. Therefore, without these two emotions, humans would have remained isolated from one another.

It is none other than love and compassion that have united everyone to reside together. It is only because we know that we have each other’s arms by our side that gives us new hope to start each day even though we had lost a million times.

Compassion and love are the two emotions that deprive us from our selfishness. In today’s world, people have become so busy in their own lives that they fail to notice the sufferings of others. It is essential to awake those raw emotions and instincts amongst ourselves that would ultimately shape us to be the better version of ourselves.

We need to understand that there’s no generosity in being willingly blind. Why not value these emotions even before we have suffered them all by ourselves? It is important to feel sad in others’ sadness and if you succeed in doing so, that’s when you have learned the lessons of life in the true sense.

On the other side of the coin, love and compassion go hand in hand and you shouldn’t just have these feelings for your own family or your own tribe or community. Many times, we notice that people are loving and compassionate towards their own family members, spouse, children, parents, and friends. However, that’s not what it is in the real sense!

Compassionate and love should be something that you genuinely feel for others, that could even be that beggar sitting all day by the roadside or any random stranger that you might have came across all through your day.

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